What we offer...


We provide a driveway instilation service like no other. For the past 20 years we have been providing driveways large and small for both commercial and residential customers. Keeping a high quality reputation for driveway excellence is one of our main aims and installing over 1000 driveways just goes to prove how good we really are.

School gardens

We build school gardens each year and some of our previous ones have even attracted the attention of Alan Titchmarsh who commented when we concreted Lego into the pathway for the children to build towers on. Take a look at gallery number 2 which contains lots of the children's projects.

Patios & Decking

Patios, decking and seating areas feature strongly in most of the designs we build. These areas are designed to help you relax and take the stresses out of your would when you are sat on, in or on top of them. We use a range of great materials for all that we build and the choice is massive.


All types of landscaping from small patios, garden walls, decking, seating areas and relaxing garden retreats, to full blown design and build gardens and outside areas. We can turf, re seed and fit artificial grass to lawn areas plus provide a landscaping service for all your landscaping needs what ever they are, Planting accompanies our landscaping if you require it too.


Pathways are often overlooked in a garden but are always there to take you on your journey through the garden. We specialize in fantastic, sometimes enchancing garden pathways that can be curved, woodland, straight and even secret until you walk them. Take a look at our pathways in our portfolios.


Fencing can be to enclose your garden, to add a border to your planting scheme, to close your drive off or many more reasons. Our fencing enhances, complements and is strong enough to last the test of time. Fencing isn't just standard, its picket, painted for flowers and many other reasons.